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Why open an Acuitis franchise?

  • 1. Because we are the only ones to have a reputed Eyewear Artist as director and associate.
  • 2. Because we offer exclusive and original Designer Collections at very low prices without compromising on quality.
  • 3. Because we work with and partner with seasoned and passionate professionals.
  • 4. Because we want franchise partners who operate under confidence and trust rather than instructions and contracts.
  • 5. Because we work directly with world leaders in the lens and hearing service sectors.

The world is moving and Acuitis so!

Because the world is in constant evolution,
Because all our markets are growing,
Because our clients change their purchasing behaviour,
Acuitis created 3 separate terms for its concept:

People who listen

  • Help with locating site and funding
  • Tailored communication
  • Tailored and targetedproduct marketing
  • Advanced equipment: : refraction, biophone, measuring
  • Central purchasing
  • Integrated management system: automatic replenishment, performance indicators, management tools
  • First network to be AFNOR* certified in optical and hearing services (*French national organisation for standardisation)
  • • First European network to gain AFNOR standard NF Service 518 for hearing services
  • • An accredited training school

Then, let's share our values!

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