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In order to create his unique and elegant collections, Frédéric Beausoleil selects the finest materials.
Natural and biocompatible, they are shaped delicately in order to highlight their full splendour. From his skill, his delicate and meticulous work and the materials he selects, these exclusive collections are born.


    Also called artificial silk, cellulose acetate is a natural, living material, composed from 80% cotton flower. To create different shades of colour, acetate sheets are coloured and joined together. They are then cut into spectacle fronts to be worked, filed, polished and assembled by hand. One Acuitis creation requires 60 consecutive creative and manufacturing processes.


    The iconic Bamboo collection is a perfect match between a cotton flower front and arms made from real bamboo. The part of the bamboo used to create this collection is the main stem, called stubble or cane. Because it is lignified and partitioned in nodes, this stubble gives each set of frames its uniqueness.
    The cellulose acetate front is sculpted, polished and assembled by hand before being connected to the wooden bamboo arms. Hypoallergenic and rigid, all our creations are extremely lightweight and require no maintenance.

  • LACE

    The Lace Collection is made with real Caudry lace with subtle motifs of lily of the valley and clovers. Both beautiful and lightweight, the strips of lace are hand cut and delicately placed and positioned between two cotton flower leaves. The frame is then cut, assembled and polished by hand to produce a subtle but remarkable collection.

  • HORN

    Horn offers a magnificent palette of deep, natural and truly unique colours. Both fine and crude at once, it is worked with great care to bring out all of its brilliance. As the material is more or less living, it requires care once every year, a service offered by all Maison Acuitis branches.


    The Carbon Collection is a wonder of technological innovation.

    The frames are cut from a pure carbon fibre. Ultra-light and resistant, they exemplify the woven structure characteristic of carbon fibre. This exceptional material provides comfort thanks to its flexible and lightweight nature.


    The richness of this collection is down to the variety of woods used, which are all biocompatible. These frames are produced using the eco-friendly glued laminated timber technique thanks to the innovative addition of carbon sheets to its structure. This helps to both strengthen and lighten the glasses. These frames are made from a variety of woods, depending on the veneer colour, such as Beach, Ebony, Walnut, Rosewood, Wenge, Tay Wood and Tanganyika Wood.